The Advantages of Gas Fireplace Inserts

Posted on February 7, 2022

Space heating is one of the most essential components of any home. In winter seasons, New Hampshire residents often rely on more than one mode of heating, typically their central heat along with a fireplace. Although fireplaces are no longer used as the primary method to heat entire homes, they still have the capacity to provide a substantial amount of heat to a space. One of the most efficient ways to heat a home while reducing costs and not compromising comfort, is by supplementing the general heating system of the home with a gas fireplace insert. 

Financial Efficiency of Gas Fireplace Inserts

The installation of a gas fireplace insert costs anywhere between $5,500 and $6,500 and is ultimately dependent on the specifics of the existing fireplace overall, as well as the overall construction of the home. In addition to this, gas fireplace inserts require the installation of gas and electric lines if they do not already exist, which can add additional costs to the job. However, after installation owners will only have to account for the annual maintenance and gas usage costs. When it comes to maintenance, gas fireplace inserts are incredibly owner friendly, and many of the components can be repaired or replaced for a few hundred dollars. Although easy repairs are always a consumer benefit, there is the added component of the gas line connection, which means that most, if not all, repairs need to be completed by licensed NFI certified industry professional. In addition to this, installing a gas fireplace insert allows homeowners to use their central heating and fireplace insert together to heat their home in a way that works best for them. When done correctly, this allows the central heating to be lowered if not turned off for portions of the day, or even during the transitional seasons such as Fall and Spring, resulting in substantial savings on costly energy bills. This is ideal for individuals who may spend most of their day in the same room that the fireplace exists, and in turn lowers their overall energy costs as they are no longer paying to heat empty spaces and rooms. 

Energy Efficiency of Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts not only save homeowners when it comes to finances, but also when it comes to energy consumption. Not only do they run off natural gas and propane, but they also have an efficiency level of about 80%, which essentially means that 80% of the fuel consumed is turned into heat. Fireplace inserts are installed with insulation and are properly fitted to the preexisting chimney space, reducing any drafts or points of exit for heat to dissipate, and instead directs the maximum amount of heat outwards into the space. Likewise, gas fireplace inserts pose the greatest advantage of being fully operational without electricity. This is key for those living in the colder regions of the country, as the insert provides reliable, substantial heat that will not go out with the power during winter storms. 

Gas Fireplace Inserts are for Everyone

If you currently have an open woodburning fireplace, making the switch to a gas fireplace insert is one of the most efficient choices anyone can make within their home. These inserts allow owners to maintain the warm and inviting atmosphere of a flame bearing fireplace, while also maximizing the energy efficiency of the system. Not only does this keep any space comfortable and cozy in the frigid New Hampshire winters, but it also saves owners a substantial amount of money on utility costs by serving as a supplemental heat source to primary heating systems. Locate a licensed NFI certified industry professional near you today to learn about how to get started with a gas fireplace installment. 

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