Preparing for a Fireplace Insert to be Installed in Your Home

Posted on February 2, 2024
Fireplace inserts are an excellent option for homeowners looking for an efficient home heating solution, without undergoing significant renovations. Fireplace inserts are a separate unit that can be installed into an existing fireplace cavity. Having a fireplace insert installed in your home can boost the atmosphere while providing a significant amount of heat to any room. Fireplace insert installations are a more cost-efficient option when compared to renovating your entire fireplace. But before you contact a professional to make your installation appointment – here’s what you should know.

Understanding the Types of Fireplace Inserts

There are many different makes and models of fireplace inserts, and three main types of fuel sources used: gas, wood, and pellet. When selecting a fireplace insert, a crucial consideration is the heat output suitable for your space. Gas fireplace inserts typically range from 27,000 to 40,000 BTUs per hour, while wood fireplace inserts typically operate between 40,000 to 60,000 BTUs. Pellet inserts fall within the range of 30,000 to 50,000 BTUs. A BTU, or “British Thermal Unit,” is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of liquid by one degree Fahrenheit. Now, here’s where space matters: smaller areas like a den or living room require a lower BTU insert, whereas larger spaces such as a great room demand a higher BTU range. Engaging with a hearth professional can be incredibly beneficial in determining the ideal fireplace insert for your home’s size and needs.

Know the Needs and Requirements of Your Fireplace

Before you can begin the process for your fireplace insert installation and selecting the right model, you also need to understand what your existing fireplace can accommodate. This is where a professional home hearth company can help; they are well versed in the needs and requirements of each model and can find the right fireplace insert that meets your home’s size, fuel type, and aesthetic. Start by noting down the dimensions of your existing fireplace and hearth. You need to know the height and width of the opening and the back wall of your fireplace, as well as the depth of the space.

Other considerations include whether or not your fireplace has an existing gas line or is able to have one installed. This will determine which type of insert you should install, whether it’s a gas, wood, or pellet fireplace insert. After you have consulted with an expert on your fireplace infrastructure and had a consultation, your selected home and hearth professional will help walk you through your best insert options.

Ensure a Quick and Efficient Installation

Once you have selected your desired fireplace insert model and scheduled your installation, you should conduct a few routine maintenance checks. Your fireplace insert will vent out of your existing chimney. To make installation and operation cleaner and more efficient, you should have your chimney cleaned – especially if you have previously burned wood in it. At the same time, you should ensure the hearth is cleaned thoroughly and all ashes and waste are swept up and disposed of. The more prepared you are before the professionals come to install your fireplace insert, the quicker and more efficient the process will be.

If you are not sure where to get started with your fireplace insert installation, call the team at Energysavers! We’ve been offering home and hearth products and installations for almost 50 years, and we have the knowledge and expertise to get you set up with the right home heating solution for your needs.

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