Wood vs. Gas Fireplace Inserts

Posted on December 8, 2023

The snow has fallen, and the holidays are here, and if you aren’t happy with your current home heating setup, it may be time to switch it up with a fireplace insert. These days, fireplace inserts are incredibly efficient, and the type of insert you choose ultimately depends on your needs. But if you’re in the market for a new home heating solution, you may want to know how wood and gas fireplace inserts compare to one another.

Fireplace Insert Efficiency Ratings

Recent fireplace insert models tend to be incredibly efficient, no matter what type of fuel they use. However, when it comes down to it, gas fireplace inserts are the more efficient option. Gas inserts burn with over 90% efficiency, but the exact numbers vary by model, so do your research. The flames on gas fireplace inserts are different than in wood fireplaces, and the temperature can easily be adjusted.

Wood fireplace inserts, on the other hand, typically burn between 60% and 80% efficiency. Unlike a traditional wood-burning fireplace that loses the majority of its heat through the chimney, wood fireplace inserts emit much more warmth.

Ease of Use

Gas fireplace inserts are very easy to operate, with many of them being able to turn on with the touch of a button or remote. As noted above, you can also change the temperature of your gas fireplace insert with ease – reducing heating and cleaning time. Gas fireplace inserts provide a very customizable home heating solution. They do require a gas line to operate, which can be costly to install but is ultimately very convenient.

Wood fireplace inserts tend to require more work at the start and throughout. You must be able to maintain the fire the entire time it is running. As for cleanup, there are ashes to clean up after use, which can become taxing in the colder months during frequent use. Additionally, you must be able to keep your firewood dry all year long, which can be complicated if you do not have an enclosed space to store it.

Environmental Impacts of Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are regarded as the more efficient and environmentally friendly option, but EPA-regulated wood fireplace inserts can also be quite efficient. Gas fireplace inserts produce hardly any smoke or particulate emissions, making them usable in most regions all year long. Wood fireplace inserts burn with more smoke and particulate emissions, but as mentioned, newer models are much more efficient than their older relatives.

Selecting the Right Fireplace Insert for Your Home

There is no universal choice when it comes to fireplace inserts, but the right option is out there for you, whether it be wood- or gas-fueled. If you’re unsure how to determine which fireplace insert to choose, connect with the experts at Energysavers. Whether you’re shopping for a new build or looking to replace your current home heating system, we’ve got the ability to fit you with the right fireplace insert for your home. And, once your fireplace insert is installed, we can even handle the maintenance and repairs needed to keep you up and running.

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