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Not all wood pellets are created equal!

Premium Wood Pellets

granules-lg-super-premiumSpend less time cleaning the pellet stove and more time enjoying the heat with our low ash super high quailty wood pellet solution! Compare to what you use now, and you’ll be amazed at the difference… Not all wood pellets are created equal! At Energysavers, we believe that if you’re going to offer the best pellet fuel solutions, we better provide our customers with the best fuel available. Our customers want high quality low ash drier wood pellets to get the maximum heat from their stove. You’ll find sub-par low quality high ash cheap pellets at low prices, but when you compare these bargain basement ones to our LG Super Premium pellets, you’ll see why these are worth every penny! Customers who switch do not switch back. That is why we only sell clean manufactured high energy yield carbon neutral LG wood pellets. Our Super Premium produces 50% less ash than other premium varieties, and has a superior 8,700 BTU per pound heating value.

Tested by the Pellet Fuels Institute

Tested by third-party labs to ensure quality, these pellets consistently exceed customer expectations. They produce a light, fluffy ash when burned, resulting in fewer clinkers, less-frequent cleanings and less darkened glass on your stove. Our pellets exceed the Pellet Fuels Institute’s standard for “premium” pellet fuels, and burns cleaner than other brands that have less stringent quality standards. LG pellets consistently have less ash and more energy than other premium ones, making them by far your superior ecologically sound bio-mass heating solution.

As a courtesy to our customers, we’ll store your wood pellets in our warehouse.

This allows you to pick-up only what you need in the short term. Many of our customers at several White Mountain ski lodges and/or Lakes Region condos & homes really appreciate the ability to only take home the bags of wood stove pellets they need when they need it. There is always a Dedicated Hearth & Spa Advisor available to assist you for pick-up during normal business hours. Made in Canada, our pellets are likely the very finest available in New Hampshire. Our top-quality softwood pellets are made from black spruce and grey pine by highly trained team of professionals using state-of-the-art equipment to create a consistently awesome heating product. Super Premium wood pellets from Energysavers: whether by the bag or by the ton, expect only strict quality standards because every pellet that goes into a LG bag is top-shelf and one of the hottest you can buy – no exceptions.

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