Advantages of Wood Stoves

Posted on November 1, 2023

Wood stoves pose many advantages as a home heating choice. From their easy installation to their reliable operation, wood stoves are especially advantageous to those living in colder climates. Before you decide on the best mode of home heating, dive into all the advantages of wood stoves so you can make the best choice.

No Electricity Required

One of the top advantages of wood stoves is their ability to operate off-grid, or without utilities. This is convenient for those who live in regions that are susceptible to blackouts relating to weather, like snow and ice storms. Having a wood stove allows you to continue heating your home even if the power goes out, while also providing a source of light.

Convenient & Efficient Home Heating

Wood stoves are easy to use, with simple wood for fuel and a classic look and feel. Wood-burning stoves are highly efficient, with post-2020 models emitting less than 2.0 grams of particulate per hour on crib wood and 2.5 grams of particulate per hour on cord wood. Wood fuel is often affordable and can be found easily in the winter months, but to get optimal use out of your stove, it is recommended that you prepare a year in advance when it comes to purchasing wood to ensure no shortages and that your wood is properly dried.

High Heating Capabilities

Wood stoves come in many different sizes and models, but all of them have a high heating capacity. Obviously, the bigger the space to be heated, the bigger your stove should be. Wood stoves radiate heat, effectively dispersing warmth in all directions, ensuring even and rapid heating of your living space. These stoves have also seen improvements in efficiency, boasting low heat loss rates, which means less heat is lost and more is distributed within your home. With their robust heating capabilities and self-sufficiency, wood stoves make for an excellent heating option, particularly for residents of New Hampshire and the broader New England area who are familiar with harsh cold climates and occasional power outages.

Is a Wood Stove Right for You?

Choosing the right home heating method for your space can be difficult; if you are looking for a high-capacity, efficient option, wood stoves could be the answer. Not only are they easy to install and use, but they are also incredibly reliable when it comes to usage. You know your home best, and the technicians at Energysavers know home hearth and heating. Team up with our experts to find the right wood stove for your home, and connect with us today. Whether you need installation, repairs, or maintenance, Energysavers has got you covered.

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