Benefits of an At-Home Sauna

Posted on December 1, 2022

The at-home sauna has long been favored for its health and wellness benefits, dating back to as far as 2000 BC and still seen throughout the world in many different varieties today. At-home saunas are more popular now than ever, and it’s becoming increasingly easier to have one in your home. From custom built saunas to ready-to-use set-ups, there are many options when it comes to having a home sauna. You may be familiar with the general benefits of using an at-home sauna, such as overall relaxation, but there are also many lesser-known benefits to having a sauna at your fingertips.

An At-Home Sauna Offers Ultimate Relaxation

One of the primary uses of a home sauna is for relaxation and general wellness. They are intended to be a place of leisure, and there is no place more relaxing than your own, private sauna. Integrating the use of a sauna in your routine can significantly reduce stress levels. Having a calm, distraction free safe haven to meditate, organize your thoughts, or simply unwind from the day has been proven to be beneficial when it comes to stress management and well-being. Having the warm, inviting comfort of your sauna to look forward to each day can also be a great way to ensure you are taking time to be mindful of your own health and well-being when it comes to managing stress levels. Whether you choose to use your home sauna after a long day at work or after your morning workout, relaxation has no time limit and can be a great addition to your current self-care routine.

Ease Physical Pain With an At-Home Sauna

Saunas have been favored for their health benefits especially for training recovery. It is common knowledge that heat is an excellent method for soothing back pain, arthritis, muscle soreness, and similar ailments. If you are someone who works in an active industry or partakes in a lot of physical activities such as hiking or weight training, it can be incredibly beneficial to have a home sauna to recover in each day. When sitting in a sauna your blood vessels dilate and blood flow increases, relieving any pain and discomfort. A 2019 study found that saunas are beneficial for those experiencing lower back pain specifically, and there are several other studies that have shown similar results for many other painful conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Having the ability to use your sauna without leaving the home is ideal for those who experience high pain levels, have compromised immune systems, or require frequent sauna sessions to achieve results. For those looking for a home sauna setup that is nearly instant, we recommend investing in an infrared sauna, which can be turned on and warmed up within nearly 15 minutes – perfect for those who experience pain flareups that they want to treat with sauna therapy.

Relieve Skin Conditions With an At-Home Sauna

Everyone knows the main result of a sauna is to sweat, but what many do not realize is how beneficial that is for your skin. As your blood flow and circulation increase, your skin cells will produce more collagen and your skin will instantly begin to appear more supple, and over time you will find that your skin is healthier overall. At the same time your pores are dilating, allowing you to sweat out all the oils and buildup from the day, making you less acne prone. These skin benefits are not exclusive to your face either, in fact saunas can help treat and reduce the severity of body acne significantly. Home saunas can be used at any point in your day for optimal results. You no longer have to go to a dermatologist’s office, spa, or gym to get your sauna experience, and can instead use your home sauna whenever it is convenient for your schedule. Additionally, if you have sensitive skin having an at home sauna ensures it is cleaned and maintained to your standards.

Soak Up Your Own Home Sauna  

When the snow is coming down outside, there is nothing more inviting than taking a moment to relax in your very own home sauna. There are many benefits to having an at-home sauna such as boosting your relaxation, achieving pain relief, and even treating skin conditions. Having a sauna right in your home only makes your sauna routine easier and more pleasant. You can select a sauna that meets your specific needs and choose custom lighting, seating, and finishes to achieve the perfect home sauna experience. No matter what you choose to use your home sauna for, you are sure to see overall health and wellness benefits that make your life easier. To begin your home sauna journey, contact the experts at Energysavers, we have sauna solutions for every taste and budget.

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