The Benefits of Wood Stoves

Posted on November 2, 2022

As we gear up for the coldest months of the year, you may be wondering what the best way to heat your home is. There are many different types of home heating tools, and the wood stove is one of the most classic forms of heating around. There are many benefits to having a wood stove, and chances are it could be the solution you are looking for to heat your home this winter!

Off-Grid Operation

One of the biggest benefits of heating your home with a wood stove is its capacity for off-grid operation. This is incredibly advantageous when it comes to regions where snowstorm blackouts are common. Having a wood stove means you can still heat your home in the event of a power outage, which can be lifesaving. Additionally, because wood stoves do not require electricity, you do not have to worry about higher utility bills throughout the winter. Wood stoves are an incredibly reliable form of heating your home.

Many modern wood stoves have a lot of flexibility in terms of placement. As long as there is space to run a vent pipe, you can place your wood stove virtually anywhere in your home! You can use a wood stove to supplement your alternative existing heating method in your high traffic rooms, or you can strategically place them throughout your space to heat the entire home. Wood stoves allow you to only heat the rooms currently occupied, further reducing unnecessary costs and also reducing the amount of heat “wasted” within your home.

High Heating Capacity  

Wood stoves come in many different sizes and styles and are preferred for their high capacity for heating a room. Wood stoves emit radiant heat, which means it is blasting warmth from all sides of it, heating your room to optimal coziness. This means your space will be heated evenly and quickly. Wood stoves are also becoming increasingly efficient and have low heat loss ratings – meaning less heat is dissipating and more heat is being expelled out into your home. Their high heating capacity, paired with their off-grid operations, makes them an ideal heat source for those in New Hampshire and the greater New England regions that are no stranger to extreme cold and power blackouts. 

Aesthetically Pleasing and Highly Convenient  

Looks are not everything, but there is something incredibly appealing and comforting about having a wood burning fire running when it’s cold out. Wood stoves give off the same cozy feeling as a wood fire in a fireplace, while also emitting far more heat. Wood stoves have a classic, timeless look that is sure to turn even the coldest, draftiest rooms into a peaceful haven of warmth. 

For those looking to get the most out of their wood stove, many models also come with stovetop cooking capabilities! This can be used to spice up your cooking and make it more fun, and can also be relied on to cook food in the event that power outages render your kitchen nonoperational. Knowing you have the security of convenient heating, and an alternative cooking method can bring immense peace of mind to homeowners all winter long. 

Is It Worth Getting a Wood Burning Stove?

Wood stoves are a classic home heating method, and it is clear why. Not only are they efficient for heating your home, but they are also reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and multi-functional. Wood stoves have been around for decades, and they are only getting better. Modern wood stoves come in many shapes and sizes, and come with a wide range of additional features compared to older models. The right wood stove for your home is out there, and connecting with your local home hearth experts at Energysavers makes the process so much easier. Do not wait until you are stuck in the cold; installing a wood stove in your home is quick, so you can enjoy your home all winter long.

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