How to Prep Your Hot Tub for Winter

Posted on September 1, 2022

Although using your hot tub throughout the cold winter months sounds appealing and relaxing, there are still steps you need to take to ensure your hot tub is prepared to withstand a New England winter. Hot tub winterization is essential for hot tub owners in New England who regularly experience snowstorms and major freezing temperatures. Hot tub winterization includes clearing out all water and debris from the pipes, jets, and basin to avoid damage to the tub itself and the piping systems that feed in and out of it and conducting a thorough cleaning and taking the time to evaluate and carry out repairs. Not conducting hot tub winterization at all or waiting until too late in the season to do so, can result in costly broken plumbing from freezing temperatures. If you are going to keep your hot tub in operation through the winter instead, there are steps you need to take to ensure its seamless operation all season.

Preparing Your Hot Tub for Winterization 

If you plan on winterizing your hot tub, you need to prepare to conduct the work and just as with any major appliance, you should make sure that all power is shut off to every component. Not only should you be powering down the tub itself with its lights and water features, but you also need to shut off the power to your pumps and filtration systems – to make it easiest for yourself, you can shut off the power at the breaker panel or completely unplug your hot tub. Once all power is shut off, you can begin winterizing your hot tub.

The next step in hot tub winterization is to fully drain the basin and the pipes. Getting every bit of water out organically can be difficult, which is why it is recommended that you either invest in or rent a powerful shop vac to help ensure that you get all water drained from your hot tub. Conducting thorough winterization requires the complete drainage of the hot tub.

Flush Out Your Systems 

Draining your hot tub prepares your system for winter, but to make sure your system is fully winterized, you should flush its system with an anti-mold, bacteria killing solution that will prevent the buildup of mold and grime in your piping left by residual water. You should use this solution to flush out your water source piping, all water features, jets, and any sections of your system that come into contact with water. This is a key step in hot tub winterization because any water or buildup left in the system risks being frozen and can cause costly system damage.

Conduct a Deep Clean and Dry It Completely 

Once you have completely drained your hot tub, cleared out all jets and water features, and flushed out all systems with an anti-mold water repelling solution, you can put the finishing touches on your hot tub winterization routine. Wipe down your entire hot tub with a spa-safe multi-purpose cleaner, making sure to get the cracks and crevices where there could be build-up, debris, and grime hiding. You should also take out your filters and either deep clean them, or replace them with new ones. The goal is to leave your hot tub as clean as new when winterizing. You should also be cleaning the entirety of the hot tub, including the outer shell, the cover, and sides. When you are sure that you have covered every crack and corner, dry off your hot tub completely. This is why it is important to do your hot tub winterization before it is too cold, because you may need to rely on the warmth of the sun to help dry your spa completely.

Preparing Your Hot Tub to Use 

At this point, if you are going to end your hot tub winterization by leaving it empty and closed all winter, then now is the time for you to cover it up, lock it down, and say goodbye until spring. However, if you wish to enjoy the warm water and relaxing environment all winter long, here are a few additional steps.

The key to operating your hot tub throughout the winter is to make sure that it always stays in peak operation, most importantly that the pump stays running at all times. Depending on your type of pump, you may be able to set a schedule for it to run or you may have to manually turn it on and off, either way your pump needs to stay running to avoid freezing water and pipes.

Using your hot tub during the winter is great and to make sure it doesn’t freeze and stays in working order, you need to invest in a cover that is durable and locks to maintain your water levels, insulate heat, and protect from the elements. We all know that power outages seem inevitable during the winter, which is why it is equally important that you correctly cover and secure your spa for the season. Having a hot tub cover that fully seals and locks is important if it is going to stand up through the harsh winter storms and snow. Not only does proper covering prevent weather damage, but it also keeps your hot tub from becoming a sanctuary for any and every critter looking to get out of the elements. By investing in a heavy-duty, secure hot tub cover, you are ensuring that your hot tub is going to stand the cold whether it is closed or in use.

Your Hot Tub is a Winter Wonderland 

Using your hot tub year-round is an amazing way to stay warm and relaxed throughout the busy holiday season and freezing temperatures, but it requires extra care and attention to ensure that it stands through the winter. If you would prefer to close your hot tub for the winter, it needs to be done correctly to be effective. Hot tub winterization can be complicated to handle on your own, and whether you are unsure how to do it or simply do not have the time, there are professional spa and hot tub companies that are experts in preparing hot tubs for winter. Don’t let your hot tub become a point of stress in your life, hire an expert to handle your hot tub winterization.

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