Portable Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Posted on May 1, 2022

Maintaining your portable hot tub is a lot simpler than one might think. When maintained correctly, portable hot tubs can last upwards of 20 years. The keys to a successful portable hot tub maintenance routine are having a consistent schedule and being educated on the water’s chemical requirements. Whether you are looking into making the investment into your own personal portable hot tub, or you are looking to revamp the maintenance routine on your current fixture, we have got you covered with all the basics on portable hot tub maintenance. 

Circulation is Your Foundation

The water in your hot tub acquires and maintains its enticing look and feel by being circulated through your systems’ filter cartridges, skimming out contaminants and debris and leaving your spa water clear. All portable spas must have their water circulated whether manually or automatically. Some models have built in water circulators that automatically circulate the water for a few periodic cycles throughout the day. Some of the most energy efficient portable hot tubs have a dedicated circulation pump that runs 24/7 to filter thousands of gallons of water per week, while also using less electricity than most timed circulation pumps. However, there are many portable hot tubs that require manual circulation. If that is the case, then your hot tub will need to be manually turned on to circulate the water at least twice a day for optimal results.  

Water circulation is the foundation of successful portable hot tub maintenance, and being consistent with your cycle schedule will help keep your water clear of larger obstructions such as leaves, grass, dirt, and most importantly – bugs. This gives you an advantage when it comes to the rest of your portable hot tub maintenance routine, because your initial water quality will already be better than water that is inconsistently cycled and therefore will be less temperamental when it comes to deeper cleaning and water sanitization methods. 

Cleaning Comes in Levels

As with any large appliance, portable hot tubs must be cleaned consistently. However, there are different types of cleaning that should be conducted at varying frequencies for ideal portable hot tub maintenance. The filters that work to circulate the water and filter out debris must be cleaned themselves to do their job at maximum capacity. There are three different types of filter cleaning that you should add to your maintenance plan: 

  • Frequent rinsing 
  • Weekly cleaning  
  • Deep soaking

You should rinse your portable hot tub’s filter as often as possible, and if you are a daily user of your spa then you should consider rinsing it under running water as often as every other use; warm sink water or gentle hose water will do the trick. Weekly cleaning consists of using a dedicated portable hot tub filter cleaner that is compatible with your system. Apply your cleaner as directed and then rinse them thoroughly. This should be done weekly as a supplement to the routine filter rinsing you are doing, and the frequency at which you need to clean your filters ultimately depends on your spa model and usage habits. Your filter cartridge should be periodically deep cleaned by being soaked thoroughly in filter safe cleaner and then thoroughly rinsed with warm water to break up and clear any buildup or stuck particles. As a rule of thumb, it is best to conduct a deep soak on your hot tub filter cartridge every time you drain, clean, and refill the tub. 

Although water circulation and sanitizers work in harmony to keep your portable hot tub maintained, because it is a smaller body of (relatively) communal water – even if it’s just your family, you would not want to share bath water with your entire family every day. To keep your water fresh and healthy, we recommend draining your hot tub completely about every 3 months, or approximately 3-4 times a year. After draining your portable hot tub completely, you should wipe and scrub down the interior and exterior of your unit. To combat scum buildup gently, you can use a gentle sponge and white vinegar to get the tub, seats, and waterline back to spotless.  

After rinsing the tub thoroughly, refill the tub as directed by your hot tub model’s manual. Once your tub is refilled, you can refine the most complicated aspect of your overall portable hot tub maintenance: the chemicals. 

Chemicals are Not All Bad

The amount, frequency, and type of chemicals that you add to your portable hot tub depends on what type of model you have, how frequently you use it, and what type of hot tub system you have – salt or chlorine. Some of the common chemicals that are used for portable hot tub maintenance include: 

  • pH stabilizer – increasing vs. decreasing 
  • Alkalinity stabilizer 
  • Sanitizer – chlorine or salt 
  • Shock 

When used as directed, these chemicals work to keep your spa water overall sanitary and hygienic and do so by stabilizing the acidity and combating existing bacteria and contaminants before they get out of control. You should test the water chemistry of your portable hot tub regularly and adjust as needed. Sanitizers and stabilizers are more frequently used during portable hot tub maintenance, whereas chemicals such as shock are ideal for deeper treatments after long periods without use or long periods of very heavy use. Either way, do not let the word “chemical” intimidate you, the substances and treatments used to maintain hot tubs are safe when used as directed. 

Get Started Sooner Rather than Later

To get optimal results from your portable hot tub maintenance efforts, it is important that you keep a consistent routine that accommodates your spa usage habits. By being consistent with water circulation, staying on top of routine cleaning that combats short and long-term buildup, and being educated and accurate with your chemical usage, you are guaranteed to have success when it comes to maintaining your hot tub. Now that you are well versed in portable hot tub maintenance, it is time to give the professionals at Energysavers a call! We can get you set up with the right spa chemicals for your existing hot tub, or even get you situated with your dream at-home portable hot tub from Hotspring®. It has never been a better time to invest in your relaxation. 

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