What Are the Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs?

Posted on April 29, 2022

Salt water hot tubs have tons of benefits, from chemical and maintenance benefits to health impacts. Salt water hot tubs do not use traditional harsh chemicals such as chlorine, require less routine maintenance, and offer users multiple health benefits. You, too, can have your very own luxurious salt water hot spot in your backyard that will make you feel like you are at the spa each time. 

Chemical Usage

Since salt water hot tubs do not need traditional chemicals to sanitize them, consumers save money on the cost of chemicals such as chlorine tablets and bromine while not having to constantly smell the chlorine. With salt water hot tubs, you instead use a salt-based sanitizer generator which produces natural chloride-based sanitizer that lacks the strong odor of traditional chlorine. Additionally, the chlorine present in salt water hot tubs is less harsh on user’s skin, hair, and eyes. Side effects of using large amounts of traditional chlorine can include dry, irritated skin and eyes.  

The lack of chemicals with a salt water hot tub means less worrying that children or pets might accidentally get into those chemicals as well. Salt water hot tubs use less chemicals while still being just as – if not more – sanitary as traditional chlorinated hot tubs. 

Maintenance Savings

Although salt water hot tubs have higher initial setup costs, you will save more in the long run when it comes to the time commitment required for maintenance. Salt water hot tubs allow you to spend more of your precious time enjoying your hot tub and less time keeping it maintained.  

With salt water hot tubs, the majority of labor is spent during the startup process. The startup of salt water hot tubs requires great care, because if it is not done properly from the start is will not operate correctly. However, after the initial startup the required maintenance is few and far between for properly set up systems. Without the need to constantly monitor sanitizer levels in a salt water hot tub, these hot tubs require less maintenance. There is still some upkeep that needs to be done, but it is known to be less time consuming, less expensive, and more efficient compared to a traditional hot tub. For example, the Fresh Water Salt System from HotSprings uses a titanium cartridge to create chlorine from the salt to sanitize the water, which only needs to be checked every 10 days. This means there is less time spent on hot tub upkeep, and more time spent enjoying your personal oasis. 

Health Benefits

Salt water hot tubs are incredibly relaxing. Not only are you able to enjoy it’s comforts when it comes to the warm and inviting water, but you also do not have to be surrounded by the off-putting aromas of chlorine. When soaking in the peaceful water of your hot tub, your body can relax, and you will find the pressure on your joints and muscles releases itself, which can be ideal for those who seek relief from uncomfortable muscle and body aches at the end of the day.  

Additionally, salt water hot tubs are far less harmful on the eyes and skin, which can become heavily irritated by the chloramines released from traditional chlorine. Likewise, the effects of salt water hot tubs on users’ hair are far less drying and damaging than chlorinated tubs.  

Overall, salt water hot tubs can provide many health and safety benefits while also saving owners lots of time. Although the initial startup cost is more expensive for salt water hot tubs, in the long run you save big when it comes to the amount of time you save on maintaining your salt water hot tub, while also reaping the many health and safety benefits of having saltwater system. Salt water hot tubs are incredibly relaxing for all, and can elevate your backyard to be a hidden paradise just for you! 

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