The Top Benefits of Pellet Stoves
Posted on October 6, 2022

Pellet stoves are one of the most efficient stove choices on the market for your home. They burn a minimal amount of fuel and circulate their thermostat-controlled cozy, warm air by dispersing it through heat exchangers. Pellet stoves are fueled with pellets of wood and other organic materials, and because they burn efficiently, you do not have to refuel and tend to your pellet stove frequently throughout the day. Pellet stoves pose many benefits for homeowners, especially if you are looking for a cost friendly, efficient choice.  

Reduce Costs  

Pellet stoves have many benefits, and one of the main ones is the low costs associated with a pellet stove. The amount of money you save by opting for a pellet stove ultimately depends on a wide variety of factors, including the size of your home, how insulated your home is, and even how easily the air can flow throughout your house. Well insulated homes keep the heat from dissipating or escaping, while consistent airflow allows the heat to disperse itself throughout the house instead of staying concentrated by the pellet stove. Additionally, if your home is large or if you are looking to heat multiple rooms in the house, you will likely need a larger pellet stove or multiple stoves to get the effect you desire. From a fuel cost standpoint, pellet fuel is typically up to 6x cheaper than gas and other oils, but the pricing depends on where you purchase your fuel from. If you are unsure if a pellet stove will be able to effectively heat your home, scheduling a consultation with your local home hearth service experts can help answer all your questions. 

Help the Environment 

Having a pellet stove in your home can help you reduce your carbon footprint by being more environmentally friendly than alternative options such as wood burning or gas fueled stoves and heaters. The pellets used within these stoves are typically made using sawdust and scraps from the many wood processing industries such as lumber yards and furniture companies. When compared to other fuel sources such as coal and fossil fuels, pellet stoves perform much more efficiently and environmentally friendly, making them the healthier, more conscious choice. 

User Friendly 

Pellet stoves are also favored for their ease of use and efficiency. Pellet stoves are thermostat controlled, which means that you do not have to constantly tend to it to keep it at the temperature you desire. Unlike alternative stoves, you can set the temperature you want, fill the hopper with your pellets, and walk away while it does its job. Pellet stoves do not need to be constantly refilled and tended to like a wood stove or fireplace, and one “batch” of pellets can burn for anywhere between 4 to 12 hours, depending on the size of your stove and the quality of pellets. Overall, pellet stoves serve as a user-friendly option for homeowners that are looking for a significant heat source that is easy to operate and maintain.  

Pellet Stoves are Worth It 

Choosing the right heating source for your home can be tricky, and there are many factors to consider when determining what is best. Pellet stoves are a fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, easy-to-use option that is perfect for anyone looking for a significant amount of heat, with little fuss. Having a pellet stove has many benefits and are favored by homeowners for their low carbon emissions and low-effort operations – simply add your pellets, set your thermostat, and get cozy. Knowing exactly what type of pellet stove requires a lot of research and knowledge about your home. Make it easier on yourself by hiring a professional home hearth company that is experienced in supplying, installing, and servicing pellet stoves in all types of homes. Connect with Energysavers today to get your pellet stove setup before winter! 

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